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  • Don McBride

    I was able to figure it out for myself. 

    The answer is... there is no set number of correct guesses. Each level is worth a certain number of points. 

    Level 1 = 6

    Level 2 = 24

    Level 3 = 70

    Level 4 = 400

    Level 5 = 1500   For a total of 2000 points.

    Correct answers earn you points off.

    1st correct answer = 1 point

    2nd correct answer in a row = 1 point

    3rd correct answer in a row = 2 points

    4th correct answer in a row = 3 points

    5th correct answer in a row = 4 points

    For example, if you correctly answer all 5 correctly you earn a total of 11 points off.

    If you miss the 3rd (middle song) you will only earn 4 points off.


    Hopefully this will help anyone else who has questioned how the playlist mastery works.

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