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*MAJOR UPDATE* SongPop 1.12 Free and Plus Android (Update: iOS too!)



  • David Roche

    What's happened to the Youtube video link!!!!!

  • Kev Hartley

    Well done, since the update, NOTHING works!! Whoever tests your updates needs a boot up their ar$e!! :)

  • Wlm9700

    Since the update the app isn't working FIX IT NOW!

  • Denisetjosee

    Super nice the update !!! But i won't take VIP when i finish it because of the flashing powerup of remove 2 artists

  • Emma Erangey

    Some great bits in the update but sadly some new issues too! Despite requesting my location to be hidden, it now shows up! Also, I have the paid version not the free one and now have ads at the bottom of the screen again. I thought one of the reasons to buy the app was to avoid that!? Finally, app has also frozen a couple of times. Still love Song Pop though but would love it even more if these bits could be sorted!

  • Paul

    I like the idea of a daily spin, but every single day I either get 2 power ups or 25 coins, the 2 worse possible outcomes. Is this a bug, or a feature? And if it is a feature, don't be so mean ;)

  • William Blevins

    when will this update be available on facebook??


  • Hardworking Ct

    where is the update for FB I keep having issues w/song pop shock wave flash player & google crash everytime I click on the player list   

  • Veronica Garcia-Lovato

    Some of songs won't play in the middle of a challenge.


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