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  • Jerem BoyBadtrip

    Oh wow, open positions for developers?? I wonder what happened...

    For all potential developers out there, if ever you get accepted, please make sure to BRING RANDOM BACK!

  • Kimberly Porter

    I need a bit more explanation on what Coder Tracks are.

  • Pat

    Kimberly, it's a mix of videogame themes, electronic music, and soundtracks. Hope this helps!

  • Kimberly Porter

    Hmm I purchased one of the Turkish playlists a few days ago but it hasn't come up to play even once...what's going on with that?

  • Tara Rose O'Sullivan

    Coder tracks are basically a bunch of songs by artists who have...well...coded their own music.  I've seen primarily DJs and electronica artists on there, but occasionally folk like MUSE will pop up.  Pro Tools/Logic are the order of the day.

    And yes....I would love the Random user feature to be brought back as well.  God, I miss that. 

  • Kelly Gough

    Would love to see Tarkan added to the list of Turkish playlists!!!

  • Kimberly Porter

    Tarkan is in Turkish Pop already. I too love Tarkan so I was looking for it especially.

  • Kimberly Porter

    Tarkan is also in Turkish hits. Not in Turkish Folk Music though.

  • Kelly Gough

    Yeah I noticed he was in Turkish pop so that'll be my next choice I buy. What I want is a Tarkan only category! If they can have kesha and train why not Tarkan! ;-)

  • Denisetjosee

    I miss the 2 last releashment... Of 6 playlists.. It would be nice to keep updated every weeks song pop :) hope you do thank

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