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  • Jerem BoyBadtrip

    Ok I kinda like this release set, I'm excited for Trance and Techno.

    Before I purchase those two though, anyone care to describe how Electronic differs from them?

  • Pat

    Thanks for the comment!

    To answer your question. electronic includes many different types of electronic music (this may include trance and techno).

    Trance only includes trance tracks without other electronic music. Techno is the same way. These are simply more niche categories.

    When you get a chance, please leave us feedback on what you think about the lists! We always appreciate our users' responses and try to cater to many different tastes while maintaining integrity of the genre. 


    Hope you enjoy them!

    SongPop Team

  • Jason Chan

    Trance has many layers, builds up to a melodic anthem, and can also have vocals whereas techno is repetitive and random noise. Needless to say, trance > techno

  • Madeline Delgado


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