Password issues!




  • Antonio Powell

    I am sooooo frustrated because I cant play the game until my password gets reset.... This is ridiculous. Please reset my password ASAP!!!

  • SongPop Support

    Hi Everyone!,

    Thank you for contacting us. Many users are experiencing this issue. Our developers changed something and it possibly has fixed this issue. If you could be so kind as to try to reset your password again, and let us know rather or not it worked for you - that would be excellent. We appreciate your patience and cooperation while we try to resolve this issue. Please contact us if you have any further questions, we are here to help!

  • Astrid Garcia

    It will not send me the email to reset my password. I've already done this various times.

  • Kathyw533

    I really missed w chair from car crash..met lots on other page chat play..please undo my stupid mistake

  • Daniel K

    It will not send me the email to reset my password and it will not let me log in after I logged out to verify my email with the app on my iPhone.

  • I require to help me with the password for my account as I was not sent the email to verify your account and never got the password.

    Now in my iPhone 3gs the application is on the home page and will not let me enter with no password and I can not get into my game.

    I would appreciate to send my password to my email address

    My details are:

    Nickname: Mack007

  • Alyssa31700

    It still doesn't work I have tried to have it send me the email to change my password many times, I even looked in the junk mail and it wasn't there

  • Ms-lush

    I have been waiting to get a password reset email since May 23. I try everyday but still no email. I have sent in a request but I have logged in today to check the progress and it says I have no open requests. I am getting really annoyed by this experience. Please fix this issue ASAP!!

  • Lreich23

    Can't remember password. I select "forgot" password & get message to check my e-mail. No e-mail message comes. Even the password reset screen wants you to enter original password before entering a new password. NOT a facebook user. Hope this gets resolved soon!

  • Lasseman44

    Terrible...password reset do not work (tried for 2 weeks) and no information from the support. What kind of company is this?

  • Yasmin

    Please fix the password reset issue. I have been locked out for over 3 weeks. I got a new password to comment here within minutes but no password to play the actual game. Unhappy

  • Mike and Jan Perez

    It's absolutly horrible 2 weeks trying to get password. I had enjoyed playing the game. I've experienced all of above comments.

  • Allene Tenery

    This has been awful. I lost all of my data, my playlists that I owned and on some of those I had 5 stars!

  • Ms-lush

    May 23 i have been waiting... my open request has now been closed and said it has been solved, it has not..still no email with a password reset.. so not happy with this 

  • Matt Penfold

    I have the same issue - all coins and playlists / progress gone - nightmare....uber sad

  • Vstrayer25

    I am having the same issue with no help in getting it resolved. Since Tuesday, July 16, I have submitted three requests to get access to my account, and the only response is the request gets closed. Song Pop seems to keep having this problem with other users. Why does it not get fixed?

  • Bobthacker

    Same problem for me and no response from Song Pop. Very strange that someone wouldn't at least address it. I played this game multiple times a day until now. 

  • Sara Hull

    Ummmm.. HELLO... SERIOUSLY!! Why hasn't this email/ verification/ password problem been addressed or further been resolved? After reading this forum people have been having problems since October 2012.. Almost 1 year now. At least address the problem and peoples concerns. This is VERY frustrating!

  • John Swaab

    Lost everything. Contacts, points, styles etc.

    I don't wanna play anymore.

  • Kaddison1225

    Beyond ridiculous, you won't be getting my yearly VIP money. You must be losing players by the thousands. Post my comments on twitter

  • Kubad3

    Because of the apple updates which occurred today, I cannot use pop song on my IPAD.  Never even knew that you needed a password.  Please contact kubad3@aol please

  • Kubad3

    Is this an automated system?  Where do u go to set up password for apple?


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